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A fully integrated TerraBattery system
Company-service maintenance package: Bi-annual carefree maintenance by professionals. This is billed annually starting from €320 per year and depending on distance.

Are you looking for a commercial-scale system (>100kWh) and/or a custom system (0.5 kWh to 44 kWh), then click here for more information.

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Standard TerraBattery System

Standard TerraBattery system product details



Energy capacity  11 kWh 
Continuous power 2.5 kW
Peak power 5 kW
Nominal DC voltage  21.6 VDC
Nominal AC voltage 220/230 VAC
Round-trip-efficiency 70%
Design life 40 years
Service life 20 years
Warranty 10/15/20 years
Dimensions 1.5 x 1.5 x 2 meter
Weight 2000 kg
Temperature  -40ºC to +45ºC

Looking for commercial / custom scale systems?
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