Nickel-iron based energy storage system

The main components of TerraBattery are individual cells made out of the metal nickel and iron. These individual cells are assembled along with other electronics into a plug-and-play battery system for users. It does not contain toxic materials, such as lead, cadmium, or cobalt. Its construction and recycling processes therefore do not pose environmental and health concerns.


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Thomas Edison commercialised the nickel-iron battery in the early 1900s as an alternative to lead-acid.

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Nickel & Iron

Nickel and iron are naturally-occurring elements that are abundant on earth and easily found in your daily lives. 

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We bring back this battery technology, so as the role of renewable energy continues to grow in the future, storing energy can be sustainable, simple, and safe. 

A residential house with solar panel installed on the rooftop and TerraBattery installed onsite


High scalability due to relatively wide and adjustable power (kW) to energy ratio (kWh).

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A plug showing that TerraBattery is a plug and play energy storage solution.

Plug & Play

Smart design for easy installation and carefree maintenance.

Two power sockets to show that TerraBattery is a plug-and-play solution
Large amount of non recyclable waster in landfill


Built using only nickel and iron metals without additives like cadmium or cobalt. Neither nickel or iron are consumed during the lifetime of the battery and hence can be completely recycled if not reused. Potential to build a cradle-to-cradle supply chain.

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Engineered to last

Long-lasting performance that withstands operational stresses. Design life is upto 40 years with services life upto 20 years at daily complete cycling.

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Aqueous (water-based) electrolyte thus no instantaneous combustion possible due to temperature increase. No formation of dendrites. Built with adequate passive ventilation to be safe for the environment and for you.

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A solar and wind farm in snow


Stable and relatively simple design. Wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +45°C.  No permanent damage due to deep discharges or electrical surges in case of software failure.

Solar farm in desert

Power smarter and make the world circular.

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